Registrations – Close on 31st March 2021
All registrations are to be completed online via MyNetball using the below links.

Online Registrations How to Guide
All NDNC registrations are to be completed online using MyNetball.
Existing Players and Non-Player Registrations (Coach, Team Managers, Umpire)

Step 1: Use the correct registration link below to get started.

All existing players (previously registered with NDNC) will need to log in using their Login ID andpassword. (Login ID is your Netball ID number or email address)

NetSetGo REgistration Junior Registration Junior regisration (kidsport) Opens Registration Non-players Regisration

Step 2: Choose your Registration Product and follow the prompts to complete the registration form. When you submit your registration, an email will automatically be sent to the club with your details.
New Players will not have a Login ID and password and will need to use the correct registration link to get started: Then follow Steps 1-4 as shown.

STEP 1 : Don't have a Login ID? Continue
STEP 2: Participant Search
STEP 3: The details you have entered do not match any existing records. Continue as a first time user. Continue
STEP 4: Lets get started!

Choose your items from the options below to get started.